Lead Your Life…Lead Your Market

Tackle your leadership challenge with wisdom from the world’s #1 Leadership Expert: John Maxwell

If you need to:

  • Gain greater confidence in your business, family and social relationships
  • Lead your life with intention and purpose
  • Get focus and direction to take things to “the next level”
  • Build and Lead a team more effectively
  • Increase your influence in your organization
  • Develop your employees’ leadership and customer service skills
  • Identify, hire, and retain the best
  • Build your direct sales business

…then schedule a brief call right now to see how the John Maxwell Team coaching can benefit you.

We use a variety of coaching tools and training formats, including: 

MasterMind Groups
Presentations & Workshops
Strategic Planning Facilitation
One-on-One Coaching
Online Coaching

Inc. Magazine voted John C. Maxwell as the #1 leadership and management expert in the world…And now you can take advantage of 40+ years of proven leadership wisdom and be equipped with the very best leadership skills, tools, and resources to make you more successful in life and in business.


About Joel Shuflin

As a John Maxwell Coach, Teacher and Speaker, Joel brings you the best of John C. Maxwell’s wisdom to help you gain new insight and a clear path to the leadership skills you and your organization need.

  • John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Teacher,  and Speaker
  • Marketing Leader & Strategist
  • Accomplished Story Builder
  • StartUps in Technology, Publishing, Healthcare, Automotive
  • SMB and Fortune 50 Veteran
  • International Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer

Joel Can Help You

  • Define, Refine and Tell Your Story
  • Develop Leadership Skills in You and Your Team
  • Create an Intentional Life Plan

And Help Your Organization

  • Attract, Develop and Retain Leaders
  • Stand Apart and Ahead of Your Competition
  • Tell a Compelling Brand Story
  • Create or Re-Engineer Agile Marketing Processes


Sunesis (pronounced soo’-neh-sis) is a word the ancient Greeks used to describe ideas that ‘come together’ — often in a way that wasn’t readily obvious. This coming together of ideas brings insight and understanding that is not only clarifying, but actionable.

Since 2003, Sunesis has been focused on discovering, defining and delivering value to individuals and organizations — and helping them do the same.