About Sunesis

Sunesis (pronounced soo’-neh-sis) means “Insight”. It’s a word the ancient Greeks used to describe ideas that ‘come together’ like two rivers flowing into one — often in a way that wasn’t readily obvious.

This coming together of ideas brings insight and understanding that is clarifying and actionable.

If you are ready for personal or organizational change… a change in performance, a change in perspective, a change in corporate or personal culture, a change in your financial success — you’ll have to change how you think.

Consider this: If your current thinking could get you where you want to be, you’d be there.

Sunesis has helped individuals and organizations think differently… and to discover, define and deliver higher levels of performance, greater significance, and more satisfying results.

Our team of coaches and trainers have been certified by The John Maxwell Team, and use the processes proven by John C. Maxwell and his international team of mentors. Through one-on-one and group coaching, DISC and  Maxwell Leadership Assessments, Maxwell MasterMind groups, and online and on-site corporate training, we’ll customize a mindset-shifting program for you.


About The John Maxwell Team

Our purpose is to come together as elite coaches, teachers, speakers and professionals, taking our leadership training, talents and skills and adding value to people all over the world. In doing so, we continue with our desire to do something of significance, as we transform lives and carry out the work of our leader, John C. Maxwell, and continue his legacy, while leaving an impact of our own.

If you’d like to learn about becoming part of The John Maxwell Team, contact us here.

Our Coaches & Trainers Can Help You . . .

  • Discover and Remove The Obstacles in Your Life Journey
  • Discover and Unleash Your True Performance Potential
  • Develop Executive Presence
  • Develop Leadership Skills in You and Your Team
  • Define, Refine and Deliver Your Story in Ways That Connect, not Just Communicate
  • Create an Intentional Life Plan That Results in Personal and Professional Performance and Harmony

. . . And Help Your Organization

  • Attract, Develop and Retain Leaders
  • Build High-Performance Teams
  • Navigate Change
  • Tell a Compelling Story That Connects With Employees, Partners & Customers
  • Create and Accelerate a Culture of Service, Leadership & Performance